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Have you been finding it difficult to discover an insurance broker that will sit down with you, face to face and review your current insurance needs?  Does the thought of researching and exploring the wide array of insurance options available on the market terrify you?

Well look no further than Aliberti Business Solutions.  At AB$ we promise to deliver personalised service every time, tailored to your specific individual and/or business needs.  We will meet with you, at your premises, to ensure an ongoing understanding of your situation.  Making sure you have the correct and adequate insurance cover in place at the time you need it the most is an outcome we strive to deliver.

“It will never happen to me’ is a phrase heard all too often.  However chances are it could easily happen to you.  Unfortunately many small business owners decide to take the gamble and either dramatically under-insure their business or simply do not insure their business at all.
As irritating as it may be to hand over money ‘just in case’ something happens, when you start up a business there is good reason to do so.  Your business will not remain active should it be devastated by flood, fire, theft or accidental damage.  However, by investing in adequate insurance, your business will remain competitive and afloat should it be struck with such a disaster.

All businesses are different and their insurance needs vary accordingly.  Business insurance packages also vary considerably however the following covers should all be considered when reviewing the right insurance for you;

• Business Interruption – provides cover if your business is interrupted through damage to property by fire or other insured perils.
• Burglary – covers loss following violent, forcible entry.
• Fire & Perils – covers destruction of, or damage to, your buildings and contents through fire and other perils such as lightning,
explosion, malicious damage, earthquakes, storm, and water damage.

• Glass – Replacement of Internal and External glass and signs.
• Money – insured against theft from business premises or while in transit.
• Motor Vehicle Insurance – all business vehicles must be insured for third party injury liability. A comprehensive policy will also insure for third party property damage and own damage.

• Portable Items – Accidental Loss or Damage cover for items you take away from your business premises such as Tools of Trade and Laptops.
• Products Liability – if you sell, supply or deliver goods, even in the form of repair or service, you may need cover against claims of goods causing injury or damage.

• Professional Indemnity – businesses which supply advice of any kind can be sued for financial loss due to errors or omissions, and may therefore need this protection.
• Public Liability – This covers you against claims by people who may suffer injury or damage to property while on your premises, or while you are working at their premises.
• Tax Audit – to cover additional costs involving a tax audit or investigation

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