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Bertie                                Marika

Bertie le Roux                      Marikie Schlechter

Aliberti Business Solutions cc also known as “AB$” is an independent company offering various financial solutions for individuals, companies and corporates.

The company is an “Authorised Financial Service Provider” with the Financial Services Board (South Africa) FSP number 7383 and is part of the “PRAPA” group of independent advisors.

Bertie has 20 years experience in the Life and Investment industry and has been an independent financial advisor for the last 12 years.  Bertie is ably assisted by Marikie Schlechter who has 4 years experience in financial services administration.

We at Aliberti Business Solutions are committed to providing our clients with tailor-made financial solutions.
We are dedicated to optimizing benefits for our clients, consultants and staff.  We pride ourselves on integrity, professionalism, quality and innovation.

Aliberti Business Solutions is an independent financial planning practice who, as a Financial planners, have available to them a vast range of services and products to help clients plan their affairs.
By choosing to be independent Aliberti Business Solutions believes it brings objective and impartial solutions to clients





  • Independent Advice
  • 20 Years Experience
  • One Stop Financial Shop as per  Service Level Agreement & Mandates
  • Administration Back up
  • Advice Driven Practice
  • FSB Registered Business
  • Staff and Office cost: R32 000/m
  • R32 000 divided by 300 clients = R106/m
  • Compliance Audited
  • Ongoing Service and Reviews



  • First Hour of Advice:   Free
  • Thereafter:   R600 plus Vat
  • Medical Aid:  3% Max R65.65/m
  • Emp. Benefits:  Statutory Commission
  • Life Assurance:  Statutory Commission
  • Investments:   Initial & Sliding Scale. Max 2.5%

Ongoing:  0.5% and 0.25% in excess of R10 mill.

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