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Learn Finance Wealth Creation Secrets
Wealth Creation is not meant to be hard.  Having money and being able to do the things you want to do is all about the choices you make in life, by taking the required action when the time is right.  Wealth creation is not a subject taught in schools (although that would be ideal), nor practiced by the governments of our time.
When you think of wealth you probably think of large houses, fast cars, big boats and cash in the bank to spend on whatever you want.  These acquisitions can happen, yet you need to define a plan to put your goals into place.  You need to devise your plan on how you are going to achieve these goals.

The Five Secret Steps To Your Own Success

The first finance secret that you need to know to become wealthy is that you must decide that you want to be wealthy.  It is important to create a vision of where you want to be in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years and 10 years from now.  Many of the people we speak to do not know what it is they actually want out of life.  They are just living day-to-day with no end goal of where they want to be.  It is pretty hard to get somewhere if you don’t know where you are going!  Life is a journey and there can be many paths to an end goal, so why not choose the most direct path!  Please, set some time aside to devise your goals to establish where it is you would like to go – write it down.  Making the decision that you want to be wealthy, is the first step in your success.

The second step is to START.  This is the next step after you have decided to become wealthy.  This is where you take action and discover your current position – a snapshot of where you are at this point of time.  Aliberti Business Solutions can help you at this point, by performing a complete assessment through our Financial Needs Analysis process.
To fast track your success, you must talk to reliable experts, read related books and understand what is happening in the financial markets – scour the papers to find out what is going on in your local community and beyond.  Also keep in mind that the media reports about 6 – 12 months later than what is actually happening in the market.
This is the most important stage, as without action nothing changes.  We understand you will need help with this and we are here to help.  Call today for more information and ask for more details about our R200.00 “time wasting” guarantee.  If you think we have wasted your time then WE will pay YOU R200.00!

The third step is usually what everyone thinks about first – what it is they want to invest in.
Investing is all about putting your hard earned money into an asset that is going to make you a return on that money.  Now there are many different options for investing but the three asset groups are: property; shares; unit trust funds.  A combination in a diverse portfolio is normally the recommended solution. (Don’t you wish they had taught us this in school?)
At Aliberti Business Solutions our services cover two of these alternatives – Property and Unit Trusts (latter being preferred medium fo structuring diversified portfolio’s).  [Not accredited to do shares]

The principle is easy – once you do something well and it makes you money, then you repeat it.
We don’t just show you how to buy one property, we show you how to build a portfolio of properties.  Every property is not going to be the same but the fundamentals stay the same.  Good location, good infrastructure, lots of jobs, close to capital cities, schools shopping centres etc.  Now you can buy a house and land, a unit, a townhouse, an apartment, an existing house and, for the more experienced – a small development, duplex or multi unit site.
When you start off you want a mix of positive and negative real estate to balance the portfolio but over time the whole portfolio actually becomes positively geared i.e. make you money without you having to top up repayments.

Lastly you need to protect what you are setting up as it will be worth a lot of money in the future.
Protect what you cannot afford to lose!  This means insurance – Life insurance for your family, income protection so you don’t have to sell down your assets if you get sick and can’t work, permanent disability if you can’t ever work again due to permanent injury, building insurance, land lord insurance (bad tenants), contents (your possessions) and there may be more depending on your personal circumstances and needs.

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