1.  Terms of Use
The website owner provides the information contained on this website subject to the terms of use detailed below. By accessing the website, you shall be deemed to have agreed to all the terms of use. The website owner may at any time modify the terms of use and your continued use of the website will be subject to the terms of use in force at the time of your use. Accordingly you agree to review the terms of use periodically, and your continued access or use of the website shall be deemed to be your acceptance of the amended terms of use of the website.

2.  Content of the Website.
Whilst every effort is made to update the information provided on this website on a regular basis, The website owner makes no representations or warranties, whether express, implied in law or residual, as to the accuracy, completeness and/or reliability of any information, data and/or content contained on the website (including but not limited to any information which may be provided by the various clients, companies, partners and suppliers of The website owner (collectively “information”) and shall not be bound in any manner by any information. The website owner reserves the right at any time to change or discontinue without notice, any aspect or feature of this website. No information contained on the website (and whether posted by The website owner or any of its partners, clients or suppliers The website owner shall be construed as advice and same are offered for information purposes only.

3.  Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights.
Copyright and all intellectual property rights to all inforamtion, materials, text, drawings and data made available on this website (collectively “materials”) are owned by The website owner alternatively, The website owner is the lawful user thereof and is protected by both South African and international intellectual property laws.  Accordingly, any unauthorised copying, reproduction, retransmission, distribution, dissemination, sale, publication, broadcast or other circulation or exploitation of such material as aforesaid or any component thereof will constitute an infringement of such copyright and other intellectual property rights; save that you may use the materials or any component thereof for your own internal business purposes The trademarks, names, logos and service marks (collectively “trademarks”) displayed on this website are registered and unregistered trademarks of The website owner. Nothing contained on this website should be construed as granting any licence or right to use any trademarks without the prior written consent of The website owner.

4.  External links.
External links may be provided for your convenience, but they are beyond the control of The website owner and no representation is made as to their content.  Use or reliance on any external links provided is at your own risk. When visiting external links you must refer to that external websites terms and conditions of use.

5.  Submissions to the Website.
5.1  By accessing the website and subject to point 9 you hereby grant the website owner a nonexclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to link to, utilise, use, copy, exploit, and/or prepare derivative works of any information submitted by you to the website.
5.2  Notwithstanding point 5.1, the website owner is not responsible for any material submitted to the website and/or any public areas of the website by you. Any material (whether submitted by you or any other user) is not endorsed, reviewed or approved by The website owner.  The website owner reserves the right to remove any material submitted or posted by you to the website and in the public areas, without notice to you, if it becomes aware and determines, in its sole and absolute discretion that you are or there is the likelihood that you may –
5.2.1  upload files that contain viruses, corrupted files or any other similar software or programmes that may damage the operation of The website owner’s and/or a third party’s computer system and/or network;
5.2.2  violate any copyright, trademark, other applicable South African or international laws or intellectual property rights of The website owner or any other third party;
5.2.3  upload, post or in any other way transmit information which you are not authorised to transmit.

6.  Website content posted by external parties
Hacking of websites is common and while every attempt is made to prevent it, the complex nature of a site such as this makes hacking a reality.  Should an unauthorised person post any message or material that is unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, indecent, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, sexually orientated, racially offensive, profane, pornographic or violates any applicable law and you hereby indemnify The website owner against any loss, liability, damage or expense of whatever nature which the website owner or any third party may suffer which is caused by or attributable to, whether directly or indirectly, your use of the website.

7.  Warranties, Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability.
The website owner makes no warranties, representations, statements or guarantees (whether express, implied in law or residual) regarding the website and any of the information contained on the website.  Accordingly, the website is made available and the information is provided to you on an “as is” basis.

The website owner shall not be responsible for and disclaims all liability for any loss, liability, damage (whether direct or consequential), personal injury or expense of any nature whatsoever which may be suffered by you or any third party, as a result of or which may be attributable, directly or indirectly, to your access and use of the website and any information contained on or accessed via the website and you hereby indemnify The website owner in respect of any loss, liability, damage (whether direct or consequential) or expense of any nature whatsoever, which may be suffered by such you and/or third party as a result of or which may be attributable directly or indirectly to any of the aforesaid.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, The website owner shall not be liable for any indirect, contingent or consequential loss (including but not to loss of business, loss of data and/or loss of profits) incurred or sustained by you or any third party howsoever arising in respect of your use of and/or reliance of on any information offered on or via the website.  You further acknowledge and agree that your access to the website will not be free of interruptions, errors, technical inaccuracies, problems or other limitations, and that the website may be unavailable from time to time.  You accordingly assume total responsibility and risk for your use of and reliance on the website and any information accessed via the website.

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